Quark 3.0 token (QUARK 3)

Quark 3.0, our evolved token developed on the Alveychain blockchain. Our design philosophy for Quark 3.0 is rooted in the desire for simplicity, transparency and growth, which is why our token operates on a low tax framework. As we grow, the tax will decrease. We believe this encourages free and open trading, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for all participants.

One of the distinctive features of Quark 3.0 is the integration of a burn function directly within our Marketplace. This unique feature has a dual utility, benefiting both artists who mint NFTs on the platform and the token holders.

Artists gain an added utility as they contribute to the token burn with every minting action, playing a proactive role in the token's deflationary mechanism. This process not only provides artists with a unique way to interact with the token but also helps increase their visibility within the community.

For Quark holders, this burn function becomes a compelling reason for long-term holding. With each token burn, the circulating supply of Quark decreases, which could potentially increase the value of remaining tokens. This can serve as a mechanism to attract and retain token holders, rewarding them for their sustained participation and commitment.

Through this strategic integration of utility and user-centric design, Quark 3.0 aims to stand out as a token that promotes active participation, value growth, and sustained interest within the Alveychain ecosystem. Token can be tracked at Dextools: And ElvesChart:

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