Quark Tokenomics Overview

Token Name: Quark 3.0 (QUARK 3)

Blockchain: Alveychain

Circulating Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 QUARK

Contract: Deployed: 07. January 2024.

Tax: Buy tax: 2% Sell tax 3% (detailed descrition for tax as a businessmodel will be added soon)

Burn Mechanism: Quark's Marketplace integrates a unique burn function, raising the visibility of artists minting NFTs on the platform and providing a compelling case for long-term holding by Quark token holders.

Ecosystem Interaction: Quark is committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and democratic ecosystem where each participant's contributions are highly valued, and freedom of choice is paramount.

BuyBot and Revenue Generation: The BuyBot tracks all token purchases on the Alveychain blockchain, facilitating seamless interactions across various project tokens. To generate revenue, the BuyBot runs advertisements, providing an opt-out option for individual groups. This ad revenue forms a crucial part of the project's income. /buybot

NFT Collections and Marketplace: Certain NFT collections are designed to fundraise for further project development and marketing. The marketplace also generates revenue through a standard 1% fee on minting operations, contributing to project sustainability and growth. /nft-marketplace

This comprehensive approach to tokenomics ensures a strategic balance between providing incentives for stakeholders and maintaining project sustainability. With a steadfast commitment to transparency, secure token management, and a thriving and inclusive ecosystem, Quark continues to pioneer innovation in the blockchain space.

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