Because Quark is on a new blockchain called Alvey Chain (native token ALV), there are a number of steps that need to be followed in order to buy the token.

✅ First:

Let's add the AlveyChain network to you Metamask (mm) wallet. The step by step instructions are here.

  • Click on your profile picture in MetaMask

  • Go to "Settings"

  • Go to "Networks" shown on the side

  • Click "Add a network" then at the bottom "Add a network manually"

  • Input the followng details: Network name: AlveyChain RPC URL: String ID: 3797 Currency: ALV Block Scanner:

  • Click "Save"

✅ Second:

Buy wrapped ALV (wALV) either from the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum Mainnet. The step by step instructions are here.

There might be small diversities to buying at ETH chain and BNB chain, but the following guide should give you a good idea of how to get on with both.

  • On MetaMask / MM change you network to either "Binance Smart Chain / BSC" or "Ethereum Mainnet / ETH" depending on where your funds are.

  • Go to either: , (both BSC) or: (ETH) Make sure mm is at the correct chain and accept the necessary change if asked for.

  • Click on "Connect Wallet" at the button visible at the screen or in the top corner and choose MetaMask.

  • In the Swap window at the top of it, choose your token you want to swap (BNB, BUSB, ETH, USDT, etc..)

  • Then click the token button below followed by "Manage Tokens"

  • Click the tab "Tokens"

  • Copy the contract address for wALV: 0x256d1fce1b1221e8398f65f9b36033ce50b2d497

  • Paste into the space then click "Import"

  • Tick the box "I understand" followed by "Import" again

  • Now you can swap your funds for wALV

✅ Third:

Convert your wALV into the native token ALV. The step by step instructions are here.

  • Go to the Alvey Bridge:

  • Click connect wallet and choose MetaMask

  • The "From" token on the left should be the same network you just purchased wALV from. The "Destination" token on the right should say to Alvey Chain.

  • Enter the amount of ALV you want. (This is a 1:1 conversion)

  • Click "Transfer"

  • Watch the table below and wait until the Status says "Success" which is usually 2 confirmations

✅ Fourth:

Buy QUARK using your ALV tokens.The step by step instructions are here.

  • On MetaMask change your network to "AlveyChain"

  • Go to the Elves DEX exchange:

  • Connect your MetaMask wallet

  • In the swap window it should show "ALV" at the top and show your balance

  • There will be another token below, click that followed by clicking "Manage Tokens" at the bottom

  • Then click the tab "Tokens"

  • Copy the QUARK contract address: 0xa0c0e4a09715e7b8e03adeb5699628b7ae3ed8ed

  • Paste into the space then click "Import"

  • Tick the box "I understand" followed by "Import" again

  • It should now show ALV as the top token and QUARK as the bottom token

  • Enter the amount of ALV you wish to spend to purchase QUARK

  • Click "Swap"

Enjoy your trading and welcome to the Quark 3.0 token & marketplace journey!

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